Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
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Ghosts and Hauntings

I had someone I loved. They had trouble saying it back. Instead they would say "Ditto" like Sam in GHOST. That film explored the supernatural alongside the power of love in very interesting ways. Sam and Molly's foreverness and their sad and tearful goodbye isn't the best example from films of love though and not the one I'd want.

I wouldn't want the example for my life from Peter Jackson's THE FRIGHTENERS either, but if there was ever a movie that showed that being a ghost didn't stop the power... The power of love, that was it. I used the Power of Love line because the film starred Michael J. Fox. There's no better song than the Huey Lewis classic used in Back to the Future and no movie Michael is better known for. He should be known for THE FRIGHTENERS as well though.

In THE FRIGHTENERS, Jake Busey, son of Gary portrays a psychopathic serial killer named Johnny Bartlett with a teenage girlfriend based on infamous serial killer, Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend. He gets caught and sent to the electric chair, but is able to return as a Ghost who can actually turn corporeal. I warn you that I will have to spoil the film here for many, but that being spoiled if you have never seen it does not take away from the film. Even knowing what I tell you know keeps the film excellently in tact as one to see. Plus as I mentioned Busey's character is based on the legendary Starkweather, who was also an influence for Natural Born Killers, so if you know your history the following won't be much of a spoiler.

The teenage girlfriend has been helping the ghost of Bartlett for years in his serial killing. He would kill and she would then carve a number in the head of the deceased. She loved him that much, that even in him being a deathly ghost she wanted to help him continue his sick mission of murder. She is obscenely dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes to prove her love to him and he stayed behind to be with her and continue his killing. This is a wonderful thing in terms of just showing how strong and bonding love can be. Amazingly these two crazies also help Michael J. Fox's Frank Barrister rediscover love. This is more spoiling the film, but it is a wonderful thing how the young widow rediscovers that his life isn't over and that he can find love again. That the ghosts he hung out with, the real ghosts, as well as the ghosts of his past did not have to hang over him. One can love and love again, lost love, does not mean love lost.

Another film which showed this and showed that love can truly be forever was BEETLEJUICE. Adam and Barbara were truly in love, they just got married, they had a nice house and then... they died. In an accident. They are now stuck on Earth as ghosts and trying to discover what love and life in the afterlife is all about. The film proves that despite death, relationships don't change. Couples fight, couples make up, couples have fun, couples break up, couples get back together. Alive, dead, undead, love is love.

It's taught me that love is like a ghost, a non-corporeal force that one can never truly understand, has tons of different interpretations and only the select see and truly understand. I also know that while “Ditto” isn't the ideal thing to hear, it's better than... nothing.
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