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Bullet Points of the Mundane JOY

• I am currently on the fence on deciding if I want to compete in therealljidol this season or not. I obviously have tons of stuff I could write about, but the question is do I write and try to create a good journal of current events or do I just let it go, because seriously, emotions will well up and even though I wrote the essay yesterday, I am obviously still not all together yet. I have till Friday to fully decide.

• I bought YAKUZA 2 last week and it has been a godsend of distraction from woe. It also helps out with getting out aggression with all the brutal violent fights. While the gym is ALWAYS nice, fun and important, only in a videogame can I pick up a neon light sign and smash it over someone's head and get away with it.

• It always feels silly to be looking at solicitations for comics in three months when I haven't even made my order for the books in the CURRENT Previews, but... I do do it and here's some of my highlights (not counting stuff I usually get)

From Dark Horse:
MYspace Comics Presents Vol. 2 (this will have the Doctor Horrible story along with some other awesome stuff)
Beanworld Holiday Special (NEW BEANWORLD!) and also hardcover BEANWORLD collection!

From DC:
Detective Comics #851 and Batman #684 (Denny O'Neil back on Batman with art by Guillem March)
TOKYO DAYS, BANGKOK NIGHTS TP (I missed this Jonathan Vankin written book when it first came out and it had Seth Fisher art...)

From Marvel:
Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Eric Shanower and Skottie Young are going to rock socks I think with this book)
The What If? books (Some brilliant "undiscovered" artists, cool stories, quality writers...should be fun...)
Incognito (Brubaker, Phillips... it might not be Criminal, but it sounds good)

• One of my bigger projects have been going through all my books. It looks like I might be getting rid of quite a bit. Not MUCH, but a nice assortment. You think any of you might be curious to what gets tossed?

• I'm starting to find wrestling boring again. I think its because I've been forgetting to download OVW and ROH... or maybe... I just find it boring.

• What shows are MUST watch this season? Seriously? I don't know...and I'll probably download most anything...I know I don't like 90210. HOUSE season premiere also made me feel blah... none of the new shows really grab me, although I do look forward to the Christian Slater show... cause well, it's Christian Slater. I got to see Jerry O'Connell's new comedy or is it old? I think it's new? It's in a hotel. Anyways... he got way too thin and is no longer attractive... but omg... Jolene Purdy... CUTE! (well... to me she is!)

• I've rambled enough here... but it's been a good distraction (rather think about this bullshit then you know...)and the database at work keeps's two links to end this:

Check em, enjoy em...
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