Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

A Fun Game for those Who Can Photoshop

So I made up a "game"... called... "What will The Joker photograph?"

Using the cover from an upcoming issue of BOOSTER GOLD, in which Booster discovers that The Killing Joke wasn't supposed to happen.

Anyway...the cover has The Joker photographing Booster protecting Batgirl...

I took that image out and created a white space...

Then I created a black barrier which you could then use to magic wand something new to put in the space.

For those who are completely at a loss when it comes to Photoshop it'll make no's a finished product:

Under the cut I'll supply you with the new files you'll need to play on your own. If you need a QUICK tutorial, I'll offer in comments...but if you know your photoshop, you should know about layers, magic wand and cutting/pasting from image to image.

Your main image

Your play tool:
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