Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

If You Can Make it Here... (you can't make it anywhere, but maybe?)

Living in the destination capital of the world (according to some), New York City, means many things. Major bands come to play here and getting to the arena is never too hard, but it also means tickets may cost more then anywhere else. Major conventions happen here too, but they're also super pricey. Restaurants of every kind of menu and food you'd like. They exist as well, but for some you better be okay spending $25-$75 a person for one meal.

There's plenty of free stuff though and amazing experiences. Especially for a resident who signs up for an iD Card. Free admission to all the zoos and museums for a year, with a chance to sign up for a super discount at the end. On top of that though is just basic awesome free stuff. Looking at my next four days alone we got a huge van designed to look like Rick of Rick and Morty making two stops in Brooklyn in front of places who will be selling food i& drink inspired by the show. The food isn't free, nor is the exclusive merchandise in the van, but the photo opportunities are. On Friday, the same channel [adult swim] that airs Rick and Morty is presenting a free party of the second season of Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter with episode airings, cast appearance, live music and giveaways and more surprises they say. On Saturday there's a big street festival with live music and local quality restaurants serving under $5 fares as part of a birthday celebration of the area's local market. Then on Sunday, the stop and swap, a program every year where I add a ton of great books, cds, and more to my already too big collection swings by locally. I've actually scored some amazing items for free at this event. One man's “garbage” is another man's treasure. Full comic collections, old video games, an electric crock pot, awesome stuffed creatures. I rescue them and give them a new home or at least try to.

Now where I live locally isn't totally considered a great location. While I am in walking distance to a zoo, a park, an art museum, great restaurants, two big malls, and even a place where major wrestling shows take place... it is still not considered a destination location. None of Queens is considered as such despite it being one because of all it offers.

The reason for this is because its “too far” from everything else. When in reality its only a half hour, in people's minds, it's 2-4 hours away.

I understand this though. Basically other than the swap meet it'll take money & distance & time to actually get to places in the vast space known as one of the best locations ever. It's a misnomer though. Brooklyn is far from Queens. Unless you have a car, but then you have to find parking and then the parking you'll find is so far from your final destination you may as well have just stayed home or just walked or taken a train.

If given proper opportunity I would move from New York in a heartbeat. It'd have to be certain places though. I don't want to start driving. I still need crazy opportunities like this weekend at a moment's notice. So basically Philadelphia or San Francisco. Nothing else would really fit.

Even then though would come the fact that many cool things in PA are not in Philly and you do need a car to get to places like amusement and water parks, smaller towns where great shows happens and the such as the public transportation option is ridiculous. Although one probably could survive in Philly on its lonesome. I know my brain though, I'll find regrets. In San Francisco, while getting around the town is awesome, you'd want to experience wine you need someone with a car. Also sometimes you'd want to go to L.A. But it's actually easier to get from NYC to Boston or Philly than it is for SF to LA. We're talking six hours by car, 13 hours by bus. California is a long long state. Imagine if it was compacted? Everyone would move there so fast if it was just LA, SF, SD within a half hour to an hour apart.

So I guess living in New York City has its perks. It really is a great location to live in. Options galore.
Although I must state... my best prospects for a relationship have all been in other states... so... location versus distance is still a factor that can get to my soul.

I have friends in NYC, but I have friends all over the place and at times, most times, many times, the friends who would leap at the chance for some of the things I do in NYC live in Philly or San Francisco and even Philly isn't just where you can jump and leap. It's close, but it's not THAT close. Especially figuring either bus or if by car, gas and tolls. It adds up. Unless you're getting paid money when you get to either place it's still a bump in that wallet. It's something to always consider. Even myself with this 4 days of events. While everything is free, it'll still cost upwards of $100. Minimum of $20 if I don't eat, don't buy anything, don't get a drink. Which is possible. It can be done, but it's just a lot less fun and makes taking advantage of being at a location almost worthless. I mean we're talking about a special pizza based on the first episode of season 3 of Rick and Morty. Then a special Rick and Morty cocktail. At the street festival, special treats from special restaurants. Can't not try something. The Friday event should only cost me getting there, but who knows who I might meet? Who knows what could happen after? Must always be prepared for everything and anything when you live in a city that never sleeps and neither do you.

written for therealljidol - Week 18- Topic "Location, Location, Location" - Partner: encrefloue
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