Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

To Fear Is To Love A Broken Heart That Can Be Mended Still

I fear that I don't know what love is
love is the fear of what is not
inside all our souls beats the unknown
masks are worn to hide scars
not cloth, but emotions over emotions
imagined walls unbreakable
doors with locks that can not be picked
we shield ourselves from it
till it embraces us so powerful that
it overtakes us.
walls broken
locks cracked
masks removed
fear destroyed
love into the heart
yet till it happens fear subsists
fear that may stop love
but nothing stops it
except yourself

My love life has been top-turvy. It has had its highs and it has had its low. It has had more highs than lows. Because when I reach that high, I'm never coming down. Not ever. No fear will be left in me. I will just be a ballast at the top of a mountain. My flag planted forever. Rocks pelted, heavy gusts of wind... avalanches. I'll bear it all.

Till then. I stand here at the bottom. Not afraid to climb the mountain, just afraid there's no one to climb it for right now.

written for the therealljidol Season 10-Topic 5: Fear is the Heart of Love
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Love changes its meaning over time, doesn't it? It definitely means something different to a ten year old than to an eighteen year old. And through our experiences of life, we learn to do the things to fit into societal norms, whether or not we want to, because that is supposed to lead to what we want. But it doesn't. Isn't it designed to give society what it wants - a easily controlled, uninteresting and staid group of people, quietly going about the business of their lives and not making any trouble for anyone to have to deal with?

I'm thinking it's time to climb.
You got someone in mind? I'm got no one I'm interested in pursuing unfortunately right now. At least no one that I'd be better of at the bottom of this mountain waiting to follow up. This poem seems complicated, it's as basic as finding that SO.


1 year ago


1 year ago

Best to you!
Belated thanks.
An excellent poem, and good like finding someone worth climbing a mountain for.
It'll happen, when it happens.

Maybe it's like the song?
Having had those highs before, and knowing what it is to give so much of yourself to someone else, you have a very good chance of finding love again. Here's hoping you do!
Thank you. It is also knowing what it means to give so much of myself that has made me much more clear visioned of not letting myself fall as well. Not being guarded or walled, just using the watchtower better.
I very much like the way you bring it all home at the end -- it is so true. Each of us has to power to choose to climb that mountain, or turn our backs and be alone and flat, down in the valley of fear.
I'm not afraid. I'm careful! but I appreciate the reading and analysis.
That is a good poem and it is nice take on the prompt.
Thank you.

Nice! I like the explanation that followed.

Less an explanation but actually part of the poem just taking a different format because poetry has no real rules in freeform. Glad you enjoyed.
Very well described. Loved the poem. Great imagery! Hope you find someone worthy to take this upward journey with you :) Till then enjoy you stay at the base.
Doing my best. One of the interesting things at base camp is meeting folks and since it's base camp discovering while someone might feel good to climb the mountain, you discover the baggage that'll make the climb to heavy or the ways you'd tangle each other in the ropes.
Love the poem.
Thank you.