Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

Rules Were Meant To Be Broken

Born into a family of losers,
but in a society of nobodies what did this truly mean?
Faced against the barriers of strife she would study the ancient tomes
Learn the magical arts of hue, shadows, anatomy
The brush as it hit canvas would build immeasurable images of fantasy
Yet no one could ever known her talent
Outside these four walls she would walk hidden, a slave to the grind
To even consider expressing a skill not seen amongst a single peer
One did not welcome Death simply to be recognized

Hidden deep in the stalls with the horses
the worlds built by color and imagination would sit and fester
unsigned, the lament would bring pain
every night at the manor they would all drink
one evening she spilled her mead on the table
and started making circles with her fingers
even this frowned upon
How dare she show a slightest fragment of ability higher than anyone else?

Sent out in the village with nary the clothes on her back
Locked out from the walls that held her family and her creation prisoner
At night she climbed precariously
and with rock and blood and excrement she created her final masterpiece
one that no one would ever be able to deny
signed deep on the walls of the village
Her name, her work, her final marker

They could as a society ignore it
but the legacy would last forever
One day the walls enemies would break through and come crashing
the sheep would be eaten by the wolves
just as her painting revealed

written for the therealljidol Season 10-Break Week Topic: Jantelagen
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