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Stars Shining Bright Above You

I had this idea of doing top 10 lists to introduce myself but the problem with those is they're never accurate or they're always changing. Sometimes minute to minute. Such as I'll say the top 5 bands I love but then realize five more and have total difficulty stating which is actually in the top five or which are the top 10. Then while I'm doing THAT 10 more will pop up. I considered it for writers, video games, TV shows, etc., etc., etc.

There's one thing I can definitely state for a fact. Something that seems to never change. My favorite movie. Even as I rewatch films I love and love them more. As I discover movies I've never seen. As I see new movies. As my opinions change on what makes a movie/film better or worse... the favorite never wavers. Why is not something I can pinpoint. I can't clarify the reason it stays on that FAVORITE but it doesn't move from it's number one spot.

The film is 1989's Dream A Little Dream. It's a Two Corey's flick (as in Feldman & Haim, the Lost Boys with a License to Drive). More importantly though it also stars Jason Robards and Piper Laurie, two of the finest actors of screen there ever were. They aren't just minor characters either, they're the proponent of the entire film. Without them there is no film. Unfortunately to explain the film I'll have no choice but to spoil a bit of it. Robards' character is a expert in REM therapy, focusing on lucid dreaming and tantric meditation to reach a higher being. His wife Laurie is a lovely, intelligent woman who reluctantly goes along with his concepts. One night after ensuing escalations of fights and teenage drama, Feldman and Meredith Salenger (the girl Corey crushes on) have a crashing altercation with the older couple while they are the middle of a meditation session on their lawn; literally, they crash into each other and the couple coming from opposite directions. This causes a strange occurrence in which Feldman and Robards switch places... but not exactly. Robards mind ends up in Feldman's body, Feldman's mind gets stuck in the dream and Robard's body disappears. What follows is a combination of true intense drama, some silly comedy, a lot of unusual dream stuff and a top notch soundtrack. It also has Salenger in a leotard and she was what some would consider the wet dream body of any red blooded young man in the 80s who appreciated the female figure. It also features Feldman lypsnching to Michael Damian while dancing like Michael Jackson. You're probably thinking to yourself right now..."This is his favorite movie? Who the hell is this guy?"

If you are, that's fine and dandy. I just care if you want to know more. The nitty gritty short answers are as follows though.

38 (turn 39 on December 23). Single, unfortunately (or fortunately) never married. Currently unemployed. Do lots of work though including professional acting, marketing and odd jobs. New York City, born and bred. Identify as bi-sexual. Work (and by work I mean actually paid to do) history in no particular order: actor, singer, photographer, chef, graphic designer, administrative assistant, office manager, computer tech, software tech, customer service, retail sales, construction, illustration, master of ceremonies, script doctor, writer, journalist, broadcaster.

And now even though I said I wouldn't... some top 10 lists.
Favorite Musical Artists All Genres
1. Aerosmith
2. Bon Jovi
3. Manic Street Preachers
4. Superdrag
5. David Bowie
6. Cyndi Lauper
7. Boy George
8. Big Star
9. Sia
10. Marty Stuart

Favorite Television Cartoons
1. Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears
2. Spectacular Spider-Man
3. The Venture Bros.
4. Adventure Time
5. Teen Titans
6. Muppet Babies
7. Home Movies
8. Doug
9. Freakazoid
10. Batman: The Animated Series

Favorite Horror Films
1. Funnyman
2. Idle Hands
3. Bad Dreams
4. Halloween 3: Season of The Witch
5. Basketcase
6. Return of the Living Dead
7. The Lost Boys
8. Dead & Buried
9. From Dusk till Dawn
10. The Frighteners

And there you have it. Just a bit of me. Or it is. Is what I like who I am? Is who I am actually who I am? Am I even a make up of what makes me up? Well, I guess we'll have to see won't we? I guess we will Wilbur, I guess we will. Don't worry, Wilbur is just a horse I fed some peanut butter to and now his mouth keeps moving and he doesn't exist. Well, he does, but only on television.

I'm losing my mind. I found it. It's gone again. Where is my mind? Way out in the water.

written for therealljidol Season 10: Top Zero: Intro
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