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Sax and Violins

Appreciation for the band known as Limp Bizkit is not something one would see very often. Especially not from me. Knowing I like them might actually come as a shock to you even. The band has been disregarded by many and I think it breaks down to that they think they're just some loud crappy band who sing about two things, getting some and beating people up or as it's known the world over Sex and Violence. Yet the truth is? Almost every band of all time has only ever written about two things, sex and violence. Sometimes they write about drugs, sometimes about love, sometimes about depression or life or fame, but in the end it's all about sex and violence. Every rock band. Name a rock band, name a pop group, a pop singer, all the songs have something about sex and violence because they go hand in hand.

That isn't just in music though. Look at everything. Movies, TV, Video Games, all of them have some kind of element of both sex and violence. Even the family friendly or PG shows. Even the G shows. Turn on Nickelodeon, turn on Disney. At any time during the day. It doesn't matter, whatever is on will have elements. Even the little kids shows. Sure not heavily but there will be some character with "sex appeal" and there will some slapstick, trip, something to do with violence and sometimes... they'll be the same part of the show. It's just the way of the world. It's what we know. Even when wrestling tries to be family friendly, how can it truly be so? It is men and/or women in clothing which accentuate parts of the body causing some kind of erotic derision and these people are hitting each other. Boom, sex and violence. It's everywhere. You can't escape it. Even when two ice creams, a 100 year old british gentleman and a princess fight three monsters and a savage with humor involved there's plentyof sex and violence.

You can't even escape with Muppets. That show actually had its second pilot developed under the title of Sex and Violence. That was Jim Henson's original pitch. A fully adult program with puppets. Now the show itself didn't have much of either, it's the title! The material definitely had plenty of sex and violence also though. Awkward sex and violence at that since it's puppets who once in awhile interact with people. The first pilot was just a concept of what the final program that eventually got accepted into production was but way more adult then that Muppets got (and Muppets got adult). It starred Mia Farrow.

There's also that second pilot like I said which was also really weird and strange. If you've ever seen the Henson sketches on SNL then you know how weird he got. That was the drugs though, so see? Sex and Violence and sometimes drugs.

By now you think I've forgotten about Limp Bizkit with all this tangential speak of sex and violence. You'd be wrong. Very wrong. Limp Bizkit is a collective of some seriously talented musicians. Drummer John Otto was classically trained, he even has taught drums through Star Education and his flow as a rapper is so good Bizkit could have him at the lead, but it would be a very different group.

Durst and John's sensibilities converging are a stronger production IMHO. Otto is a good enough drummer that he's been part of straight up rock album projects as well though.

Bassist Sam Rivers is just a constant who's lines are pure and strong, which have had Marilyn Manson among others requested him to play on tracks. DJ Lethal, the turntablist and as much a part of the sound as everyone became famous as a member House of Pain. He's since left Bizkit but he has a legacy simply for being part of a song anyone from the 90s or anyone who's ever been to a bar or maybe just lived life knows.

Lead guitarist Wes Borland is my personal favorite, from his fashion choices to just his intensity. When he left LB temporarily and then returned and then the band hiatused (sic) again he became part of two projects in those times that showed how his pure rock sensibilities add a backbone to Bizkit that would be missing without him as the others are definitely more hip-hop. BigDumbface was a project he did his brother and gave birth to the video Duke Lion.

Following that he founded a much more serious group called Black Light Burns that showed how absolutely brilliant he can be. Now of course I'm not saying you'll love him, but I do and in two videos he really speaks to Sex and Violence. "Lie" off their first studio album "Cruel Melody"

and "How To Look Naked" off their second, which is also a bit of a mini movie.

Still laying down the framework for liking Limp Bizkit is hard. Admittedly this is still the group who did "Nookie", "Rolling", and "Break Stuff" (all songs I happen to love but the songs that I think gave them disdain). Now if you just can't stand any hip-hop you'll never appreciate what Durst, Rivers, Lethal, Otto and Borland have created for years, but keep an open mind, an open ear and let you realize negativity breeds positivity at times and in this deep dark world it breaks down to the basest desires and you might just find yourself needs some Sect and Vylance....Syxx and Vilince... Ceks and Vileance. Anyway you spell it, it's still the same.
Here's Limp Bizkit at their best... not a lot of sex, a little violence, a lot of truth.

written and recorded fortherealljidol Friends and Rivals Mini-Season Topic 18 (or is it 19)-“John Otto"
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