Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

Stuff and things.

Testing the quality of writing something within the LJ app on my Samsung phone just on case I have no choice for awhile. 

My computer is dying and I don't know if it's just the hard-drive or the the video card or both or more.  So I don't know what needs replacing or what that'd cost parts and labor vs. Finding a new computer of equal to better then this one in specs (pretty high specs at that for an older system.) I'm broke though so who knows.

I mean broke.  Like fuck my life broke.  Well okay not that broke but not buy new computer while still paying off a new cell phone broke and not having income.  That kinda broke.

Anyways that's that.  I can at least post to LJ from here okay, if not in a style that allows thoughts to flow best.

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