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>>We interrupt your regularly scheduled episode of This Is Something: The Adventures of Giovanni for something of memoir, ramble, research, journalistic, something or other. We hope that this delat does not ruin your enjoyment and that you will stay with this broadcast for something will surely be weird, wild and all over the place in an truly anarchic way.<<

Without going into the extensive history of how I ended up to be in such a position I was on the internet by 1990 at the age of 12/13. By 1995 the Internet really took off. It's about then that Real Networks started getting big, AOL started to die and the proliferation of available entertainment grew with things such as Flash cartoons and of course well, the technology that allowed one to actually webcam back and forth with some states or even countries away.

It makes me laugh at how excited we are today with streaming technology such as Periscope and how big it is and yet how non-advanced it is as an app with the technologies that ARE in place. We go twenty steps forward and fifty steps back as a society. It makes me wonder how we'll ever get as far as some sci-fiction thinks we'll get.

I mean can we ever truly reach the state that we'll actually have artificial boys and teddy bears who dream of meeting a blue fairy like in their favorite children's tale? Can that technology come to pass or has the proliferation of fear from the thought of what can happen caused it to now be a pipe dream.

If you're unfamiliar with the plot I just dropped on you its a very simple explanation of Brian Aldiss's Super-Toys Last All Summer Long... or more accurately of the adaptation originally proposed by Stanley Kubrick and brought to life by Steven Spielberg as A.I. A film that is truly a love letter Stanley and of course to Aldiss as much as it is to Carlo Collodi, a man who had no idea he birthed a generation with a simple whimsical allegory.

It's hard to imagine now that such a classic venerable tale that has been adapted in so many ways found it's birth as a serialized allegorical tale by a writer who began his career as a political satirist and only found a love for using the arena of "children's literature" to explore things in ways that more adult fare did not allow. Yet this was still 1881. Pinocchio is a dark tale just as most of our favorite children's tales are, were and always shall be (truly think of even your favorites from Carroll to Lewis to Rowling to Snicket and in between, dark and devious all). The puppet dies, hanged and barely is brought back to life only to die again. If it wasn't for some editor I'm pretty sure Pinocchio would die penniless and alone. Instead he lives and prospers. Carlo didn't live to see Pinocchio become an international legend. He died in 1890 and the book while a moderate success or it wouldn't survive to this day, but it was not of course what it became.

On top of that famed Disney movie and being used allegorically throughout the film A.I. it has also been done as a radio play... a live radio play, because that is what the radio was. That first form of streaming entertainment. Streaming directly to your home from somewhere else LIVE. Yet speaking of streaming live direct to your home or wherever you want we can point to Netflix which as of this date has 2002's Roberto Begnini's Pinocchio (in both Italian AND English). Pinocchio can be your Netflix and Chill... that's a good first date. Especially if you're able to parlay bad movie (choose the English dub which kills the movie, not the Italian which is pretty cool) into cuddle and sex... like me... but that's another story!

written fortherealljidol Rivals Mini-Season Topic 9- Streaming and Pinocchio's First Date
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