Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

Oh HAI There!

So I once again have neglected Livejournal and yet lots has been going on.

I cut off my long hair for the first time since 2002 or is it 2005? Anyways, it's been a long time since I've had short hair, but this will be it forever. I'm not going to ever grow it long again unless it's for an acting role. Other than I'm going to keep it short. I like it more, it's more manageable, I look better...

I've also gotten serious about losing weight. Maybe you didn't notice but I was fat. I was tipping the scales. A healthy, normal weight for me (unless you're an idiot who believes the BMI) is about 241, I was no where near that...but only some people seemed to notice how huge I was. Still I'm, I'm 8.8% bone. I am a big dude, thin or fat, I am a big dude. My shoulder is a 52, I have an 18 inch neck, I have like a 90 inch reach, but I'm only 5'9. I've got a good 15-20 pounds before I'm where I want to be and it isn't going to be easy, but I found a diet that's working for me to lose it but not kill myself in trying to. So 235-241 is my ideal and I'm getting there.

The place I noticed my weight loss immediately was in my crotch. As my legs and crotch itself got thinner, between my legs got "larger" or at least just that you could tell how large it was. I know, I know... TMI...for SOME of you (wink, wink 1_rhiannon_1, sirenity, bunnykissd, ivorygrace7, etc.)

Anyways, I've been shooting videos, going to events and parties and movies.

Here's me with writer/director/actor Taika Waititi... if his movie BOY shows up in a theater near you, GO SEE IT! It's just now starting a US tour which I very little helped with, but I'm trying.
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