Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

Welling Court Mural Projects +more

On Friday I went and finally got my TV back. Supposedly it'd been ready since maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, but nobody thought to call me! Jeez... I have my TV though. Although I didn't watch it really until Sunday cause I've been mad busy.

After I hooked up the TV I headed out to have my bearings and get a preview of the Welling Court Mural Project. Welling Court is a physical block in Astoria, Queens... the actual mural project encompassed sections of the wall covering Welling, 30th and Main. It was not fun taking the bus to get my TV and then back and then out again. I'm lucky I didn't get lost (which I did do Sunday night).

I did have an amazing time though. I met up with my buddy Matt and was pleased to see Alice out there as well, also Cern was working and Lady Pink, Cycle, Sofia Maldonado, Celso, Pablo Powers, Cey, Mr. Keijii and a few others were getting their work done.

Matt and I had plans to go out to a few events, but time got away with us through different follies and before we knew it was 9 PM and people closing up shop for the day. After some phone calls and wildness we decided that before Matt took me home we definitely wanted some dinner. We headed into "the city" where we at SPICE. Matt's friend Michelle joined us and it was a wonderful evening of food and conversation.

The next day Matt picked me up so we could head over to Welling to finish up and take in the party. He brought his kids with him which was a nice and enjoyable surprise and made the day so much better. Folks like Tristan Eaton, Michael DeFeo, VENG, and Stormie Mills were out working along with the crew from yesterday. Lots of energy and amazing art was happening.

In between In trekked over Socrates Sculpture Garden and that was really fun.

The whole thing ended up with a huge block party with food and dancing and music. By 9 o'clock I was beat, Matt was beat, the kids were it was time to call an end to everything... but boy was it fun while it lasted. For my own memories I wanna send magical love out to Alison & Garrison and Bogart. Without them, none of it would be possible and an amazing amount of love to the entire community of Welling Court/surrounding area.

To see more photos go check out the flickr set.
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