Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

Philadelphia Vacation April 2010 (DAY THREE)

We began this day with heading out to Di Bruno's on South 9th. Before we got there we realized we had gone the whole trip without getting a Cheesesteak Sandwich. So we walked over to Pat's King of Steaks (whom takes claim for the creation of the Steak Sandwich) when suddenly we realized it was Easter Sunday, so most spots were closed. We were forced to go over to Geno's,which is directly across the street. Geno's is good stuff and it is world famous, but I would've really liked to have had a Pat's.

From there we headed over to Di Bruno's, but this was a smaller shop and it was closed, so we decided before giving up hope to head over to Chestnut St. again.

We had luck at the huge Di Bruno's which just was bustling with excitement. I picked up one of their hand-made mozarella balls, two of their Family Recipe cheese spreads, some of their house tomato sauce and hand-made Chocolates from John And Kira's.

It was then time for us to get in the car and head out to Shawmont to check out the abandoned Waterworks factory. This proved a little difficult at first, as even with a map and a GPS system the streets were such that you'd easily miss a turn and be “where are we?!?!”.

Eventually we made it though. It's right off the river and while not as impressive as we'd hoped it was definitely a sight to see. Graffiti and wreckage, a structure that stands magnificently unused and full of art. If it wasn't so out of the way, middle of nowhere it'd be interesting to do a concert there. Maybe a music video is in order, now all I need is the right band, the right song, and the equipment.

We hiked in the trail for a bit and then decided that since it was Easter Sunday our trip would come to close. Sadly getting back to NYC seemed quite the chore. In an attempt to avoid insane traffic going back through Central Philly we ended up very lost. We were in a very poor section of town where you couldn't even hit up an ATM to get bills for the tolls (we were both low on cash flow, but not money).

It all worked out though. We survived through some drama and craziness and made it back to New York in one piece and no worse for wear.

Philly is definitely a place I want to return to and could even see myself moving to if the job opportunity presented itself. It's a lot like NYC in terms of culture, shopping and lifestyle and yet so different, but I feel it'd be the kind of city I'd easily adjust to than others.
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