Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

Philadelphia Vacation April 2010 (DAY TWO)

After the normal morning activities and getting a bit lost from signage and just not listening to each other we made our way over to The Mütter Museum. We found a place to park the car for the whole day for $7 so we decided that would be the best thing and then we'd just walk everywhere.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia specimens, anomalies and birth defects is quite the exhibit. No words can truly give it justice. There is much to see and read. One thing to know is that there is absolutely no photography allowed without a long pre-process. So instead of photos I took copious notes and even made some drawings.

One of the big things they study at Mütter is conjoined twins, so they have a lot of photos and stories and even have a the fused lived from the autopsy of Chang and Eng, one of the most famous conjoined twins ever and the reason for the term “Siamese Twins”. They also have tons of skulls, dried arms, dried faces, deformed fetuses in jars and The Soap Lady. It's just amazing. We were there for about three hours reading, looking, discussing and enjoying.

I got some items from the gift shop that I couldn't resist. One of the books they have that celebrate the museum and show it off well, plus a button, a magnet and a lapel pin of different images that represent the museum well.

If you're interested I have posted my drawings from the museum to Flickr. While just drawing I feel they represent fairly well so they are no for the squeamish.

From the Mütter we began a very long walk, just taking in Philadelphia as we crossed down alley ways and zig zagged streets. I spent most of my energy on seeking out stickers, as the sticker art scene in Philly is very strong and very enjoyable to look at. Just check every newspaper box and you'll be treated to images of monsters, aliens, blobs, lizards, pirates, whatsits, thingamabobs, toilets, owls, beasts, creatures, and what have yous. Then as you look at the walls you'll be treated to commissioned murals of immense size and beauty detailing the rich and varied history of Philadelphia from politics to music to literature and movies.

As we walked hunger start to hit, but it would be awhile till we figured out where to eat. We did stop into Di Bruno's on Chestnut and confirmed we wanted to come back on Sunday. Sampled some stuff too and then kept on walking.

It took awhile before we figured out where to go for lunch but we settled on a spot called DELI (catessen) on Chestnut. It was excellent decision as well. Their menu was superb and service was great. One of the things that caught my eye at first was their store shirts. It was just a very cool logo and I liked it so much I bought one. Here was the order. I got their Bubby's Kitchen Sink Pho, a truly loaded soup that was just mind blowing. I shared this was Nick and we both loved it. Nick got a Jubano with Cheese Kugel, and I got a Reuben with Red Bliss Potatoes. I couldn't finish mine so it became my dinner on Monday night along with a blueberry kugel I got to take home after tasting Nick's and loving it.

After lunch our trip continued us down into Old City where we checked out Franklin Court and the Carpenter's Hall and then walked around, rested for a bit and then zig zagged back up to where the car was parked. All in all we walked about 5 miles on a beautiful sunny day.

We went back to the hotel for a spell to regain our strength and our bearings and then it was off to Friends With Benefits art show. When we got there the place was fairly empty. I quickly grabbed myself one of the rare t-shirts, started trading stickers and blackbooking. Before long the place was packed inside and out. It was a pleasure to meet all the folks I did and see folks I knew from before. The main deal was meeting UWP, Ticky, Toro and Bob Will Reign and all those meetings rocked. My boys Fish, Jpeg and Signs had also come down from New York, as did ChrisRWK. So between them, the main crew and all the various sticker scene folks all around it was was crazy stuff. Getting stuff in my book or stickers from all these great artists rocked. Plus the show was awesome.

For a little documentary on the show I did an interview with this really cool gal, Lemara Lindsay-Price and that was really fun just talking about myself, the art scene, photography and just my personal views and the such. After 4 and half years in this street art scene I think I know just a little something something.

After the art show there was a tiny little after party at a bar down the block which Nick, Lemara, her friend and myself walked over to. It was a placed called 1601 (over on Tasker and 10th). I wasn't in the least bit hungry, but they had this item of figs wrapped in bacon with an apple side...I couldn't not try it. It was really good. It's worth going to this bar just to try out that little dish. I got Abe Lincoln Jr. who had also come down from NYC and was in Philly by coincident to team up with El Toro on a page in the book and it might be my favorite of the things I got.

Awhile later Nick and I both felt the exhaustion of the day and made our way back to the hotel, stayed up watching something or other and were out by 2 AM.
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