Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

Armchair editing: If I ran the Comicsverses

Last night dryponder did what all of us comic fans do ocassionally, armchair editing. It's much like armchair booking for wrestling. I decided to really go the armchair route though. In Arm chair booking for wrestling you don't just throw together matches, you tend to also come up with new angles and gimmicks as well. I decided what if I took that approach to armchair editing. I stuck to MARVEL and DC like Trippe did, but I've created a whole new universe for both company using their established characters. Each company has seven core titles and I went a bit crazy with my ideas. The biggest thing to remember with Armchairing is that you can/try to ignore everything that is currently going on or is being set-up to go in a totally new and different direction that will still be possible and make sense to fans.

Murdock and Castle by Marcus P. Meleton and Pete Garcia (Two men, different methods, one mission)

Hulk and the Pantheon by Peter David and Mike Wierigno [featuring Thor, Hercules, Ares, Apollo, Achilles, Samson, Beowulf, Paris, Apollo, Mars, etc., etc., etc. and of course The Incredible Hulk]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Around the World (An anthology written by Dan Slott, Josh Neufeld, Dean Haspiel, Jonathan Lethem, Brad Meltzer, Ty Templeton, Paul Grist, and others)

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends by Tom Defalco and Kurt Busiek with art by Paco Medina

Avengers Dynasty by Alan Heinberg and Jim Cheung (the magic of Young Avengers brought to the entire history of the Avengers)

Homo Superior: Tales of the Mutants written by Alex Robinson and Tony Consiglio with art by Adam and Andy Kubert with interstatials by Jim Mahfood

GLOBAL WRESTLING ASSOCIATION by Brian Azzarello, Scott Levy and Rafael Navarro, art by Navarro

SMALLVILLE, The Adventures of Superman as a Boy by Millar/Gough, JM Dematteis, art by Tom Grummett

Gotham Family by David Hahn and Randy Reynaldo

Untold Tales of the Green Latern Corps (anthology by Ron Marz, Dean Trippe, Steve Englehart. art by Trippe, Marshall Rogers, Steve Lightle, others)

The Superfriends by Steve Gerber and Carlos Pacheho

Aquaman, King of the Sea by James Kochalka with consultation and research of/from Robert Ballard, Sylvia Earl, Jacques Costeau, Wyland, etc.

Tim Hunter: Spectre by Neil Gaiman, art by Michael Lark

Seven Soldiers of Victory by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart

Starjammers in the 31st Century by Jim Valentino and Jim Starlin

Teenage Captain Zombie by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore

Further Adventures of 'Mazing Man by Robbie Busch, Bob Rozakis, and Stephen DeStefano

Jesus Christ Superhero by Rick Veitch
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