Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

Three Strikes You're Out!

Everything I know about pitching, hitting, running, stealing base, fast balls, curve balls, intentional walks, brushbacks, homeruns, sliding, slipping, tripping, I know because I watch movies. I've been to one single baseball game in my life. I didn't pay attention. I was bored out of my skull. I never paid attention when it was on television. Yet, that doesn't mean I don't have my favorite players or my favorite teams. Okay I have four favorite teams... the Cleveland Indians (1), the Durham Bulls (2), the Hackensack Bulls (3) and the New York Knights (4). I hate the Chicago Cubs because they let a little kid play for them... a little kid (5). I mean Sam Malone (6) is great and all, so the Boston Red Sox (making it five) too but I think his bar is way better than anything he ever did in baseball.

If it wasn't for the motion pictures I might not even have ever heard of the game called a national pastime that has so much regulation, confounding rules and metaphors for life. I probably would still though. It's almost nigh impossible to miss. Catcher in the Rye (7), Shoeless Joe (8), even Michael Chabon's Summerland (9). You can't escape baseball. No matter where you turn. I mean even The Warriors with The Furies (10). Turn to professional wrestling and there was Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz (11). The Baseball Swing is even a wrestling move and "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels' named his super kick "Sweet Chin Music" (12) because it knocks you back and usually out and if not out, distracted for a second which would lead to a strike and like in baseball... a 3rd count and you are out.

Let's say you don't watch movies, or read books, or watch wrestling though. You can't away cause it's all over music. John Fogerty's "Centerfold" (13), Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" (14), Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" (15). You just can't escape.

Oh you just watch TV? What do you think Negan's Lucille(16) is? It's a "baseball bat" and all Negan is ever doing is throwing metaphroical brushback pitches till he throws that curveball. You read the newspaper but skip the sports section? Baseball players are so famous they make the front page! You only read comics strips? Charles Schultz did multiple baseball stories in Peanuts (17)... Good Grief (he also did a baseball comic strip at one point).

and don't get me started on the internaionally famous poem turned Children's story "Casey at the Bat" (18)(19)(20).

1. Major League
2. Bull Durham
3. Brewster's Millions
4. The Natural
5. Rookie of the Year
6. Cheers

written for therealljidolSeason 10-Topic 3: Brushback Pitch
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Yes! This the truth. I can't watch baseball, but I love baseball movies. So, yes. This!
I don't love ALL Baseball movies, but the ones I chose to mention. I actually hate Rookie of the Year. Hence my hating the Cubs.


1 year ago

Nice take.  I wish you would have included "A League of Their Own" about the women's baseball league, which is one of my favorite movies ever.

That film felt less about baseball to me and more about breaking barriers period, so when I think baseball it just isn't one that fits into my personal brain pattern. This was more about me in relation to pop-culture.

I grew up in the era of The Big Red Machine. Everyone wanted to be a baseball star as a kid. Even the girls. They suck now still I try to go to one game a year.

I literally had no idea what the Big Red Machine was as it seems it's an actual baseball thing. I'm not kidding. I only know fictional baseball.
I love the way you showed the presence of baseball in popular culture! This had to take a lot of work. It was fun going through your list.
Oh come rayaso! You should know by now this takes NO work from me. The work comes from using my knowledge to try and write it into something fun.

The reference notes were for the reader, not for me. That stuff just sits in my head!
I never realized how pervasive Baseball is in American culture.
Baseball in terms of the version of the game most known had it's current rule set founded in North America. For whatever reason in the 1850s shortly after the rules were founded and somehow it developed as things tend to do almost inevitably and without much rhyme or easy to ascertain progression of step 1 to... step the game called the national pastime within a year. I don't really know much about it other then what I've read, but the drama that pervades many of the films I mentioned seemed to start from day 1 as well. Professional Baseball became a thing really fast from its inception.
So true! Grew up pretty disinterested in team sports, yet in the household of a sports-obsessed mom, so this definitely resonated with me! Baseball was always more interesting in its depictions in media, anyway.
i love this compilation of what not about baseball..great links..I'll mostly go through the music ones in the background as I read the remaining entries :) Thanks!
Thank you for your entry!


December 19 2016, 21:06:03 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  December 19 2016, 21:07:08 UTC

Just when it appeared that "Fear Strikes Out and we would have to "Bang The Drum Slowly" for you, it seemed like there were "Angels In The Outfield"... maybe even TWICE! there to guide you, a kind of "Mr. Destiny" just waiting to help out, even though "The Natural" thing might have been to pass on this week's prompt.

You clearly put forth a "Major League" effort, worthy of "The Babe" or "Cobb." And though you might not have done it "For Love Of The Game", you still wound up "Taking Care Of Business".

I was thinking about American idioms just today, and how many of them come from baseball, football, and basketball. Baseball has a ton of them, which you can know and understand without really being a fan of the game.

Baseball movies typically bore me as much as the actual game, so you're a step ahead of me there!
This is exactly my relationship to baseball as well, except that I also try to avoid movies/media that seem overtly baseball-y as well! ha!