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Monster Love

They've been telling us that monsters are lovable for 100s of years. Monsters aren't always the dark evil creatures they appear to be. I'm sure there's parables to this in the bible, in mythology (both Greek & Roman), in Chinese legends, but I'm pretty sure the one with the most impact is Beauty & The Beast. A story that is said to go back thousands of years and has a multitude of versions. Although the ones we are most familiar are the French compilations of the fairy tales from the late 1700s. It was then that various writers including musicians and composers brought the tale of Belle and the Beast to a permanent life which would become the worldwide phenomenon that has been translated and reinterpreted so many times.

Of course the most famous at this point is Disney's animated feature but before that and since there's been so many media adaptations you can basically build a wall of them. Jean Cocteau's classic 40's adaptation is considered a truly beautiful film. It wasn't the only film though, there have been many actually. Silent films prior to Cocteau, many TV film adaptations but some are to be noted. It was to be D-list Movie director Edward Kahn's (famous for teenage dramas and schlock sci-fi) last work from a script by equally D-list writers and it starred a bunch of no name characters actors who if you see their face you go "that person" but you don't remember their name or where you saw them. Notable was also the Cannon adaptation starring Rebecca De Mornay who at the time was famous as the girl from Risky Business. There was also a 70's TV movie where George C. Scott of all people played the Beast. Ruby-Spears Animation did their own version with a script by comics writers Steve Gerber & Martin Pasko with now legendary voice actors Robert Ridgely (Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Thundarr, and his last role ever... The Colonel James in Boogie Nights), Janet Waldo (Judy Jetson, Penelope Pitstop) and Alan Young (Wilbur of Mr. Ed and since 1989 Scrooge McDuck) voicing the main roles. A dark Z-List direct-to-video that also aired on SyFy made in Australia came out more recently. Most recently was a highly lauded new adaptation by Christophe Gans starring Vincent Cassell and Léa Seydoux. This last one from 2014 I have truly wanted to see but have not yet. Still to come is Disney tackling the tale again much like they did with a lice-action Cinderella.

On top of those movies though are the two TV series which are more truly very loosely based on Beauty and the Beast and create a cool mythos. Especially the first season of the 1987 series with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perelman. I know basically nothing about the CW show, but I hear it was actually good and will be going into a final season this summer. I should check it out.

All this talk about Beauty and the Beast was all a preface though. As fun and crazy the love between a prince turned Beast and his young sexy forced prisoner turned lover can be, the love between a monster and a child? That is some really quality stuff.

If you were a child of the 80's you knew all about My Pet Monster. The very popular toy was designed by American Greetings which means whoever really came up with is probably lost forever. Just like who the creator of Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, etc. really was. It doesn't matter though. It was a big plush doll with handcuffs. It had a cartoon produced by multiple studios. Before that though there was a movie which basically had no relation to the cartoon or the mythos of the actual toy but it was licensed by American Greetings. It tells of a young boy and his sister and a statue spell that turns the boy into a monster and a mad scientist who chases them.

Think I'm kidding? Watch it right here. It featured Alyson Court who would go on to be the sexiest Canadian clown ever (Loonette of The Big Comfy Couch... and if you think I'm crazy, go watch some of that show, Loonette is a babe), as well as Yannick Bisson (High Tide & Murdoch Mysteries) and Colin Fox (who if you aren't Canadian, you'd know best from Tommy Boy). It definitely shows that a Monster doesn't have to be a monster.

A movie that does it even better though is Howie Mandel and Fred Savage in Little Monsters. Howie Mandel is literally the Monster under the bed and he and Fred go on an adventure in monster world. It's probably one of my favorite films ever if such a list really existed. It was the idea of Rossio and Elliot who went on to concieve Small Soldiers, Pirates of the Carribean and more.

I have so much more I can say about it, but I feel it speaks best for itself. Learn what friendship is, what love really is, tat friendship is love and friends can be whoever gains your heart.

Of course there's also Pixar's Monster's Inc. which I still believe has a connection to Little Monsters as Scully looks a like the bad guy in Little Monsters.

Before I close out though I have to mention one more love story between a monster and a lovely lady. David Fincher's The Fly. That is pure love. True love. Energized love. Yet sometimes, a monster is a monster and as much as you love them, they will be monsters.

written and recorded fortherealljidol Friends and Rivals Mini-Season Topic 16-“When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it."
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