Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

A mass of scars-spoken word

Haphazzardly I looked at the clock. Less than hour to go, the thoughts in my brain but not on the page. I know these stories, I've told them a thousand times. Even here on in LJ Idol. I've shared photos. expereinces, how can I switch it up? How can I make it different? How can I do this and post it in quick time?

Well here's one way... the words on the head to the page take longer than to the mouth. At least for me.

I recorded a talk. You get to hear me speak about injuries and then tangent off the way only I can, also I show my face and be genuine yet unprepared.

written and recorded fortherealljidol Friends and Rivals Mini-Season Topic 15-Just put a bandaid on it
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