Reid Harris Cooper (lordrexfear) wrote,
Reid Harris Cooper

The Dog That Would Not Die aka Cowboys & Aliens

It seems that a few of my FList friends have seen Cowboys & Aliens and absolutely LOVED it. I am not in that camp.

I didn't hate it, far from it, but my god did I not like it. Which I knew going in. A new friend desperately wanted to see it. Actually he wanted to see Captain America, but as I had already seen it with my buddy Rich not long before, different plans were made.

This wasn't the most fun of movie experiences actually, as we didn't get to hang out before or after the film. Which can help make even the worst movie more fun hyping one self up or by ripping on it beforehand.

The only thing I really liked were the aliens. Unlike how many critic reviews state that the Aliens looked shadowy and murky, I thought they were some creepy looking crazy shits. They weren't very original and I'm assuming they're based on the comic which my brain has blocked out, but even then, they weren't that original. SLime face snakes with chest openings for extra arms and jazz. Been there, done that. Total Recall had that dude with the whole person inside him!

I just felt that most of the plot, dialogue, etc. were hackneyed.

The action sequences where Daniel Craig became SUPER ACTION STAR BETTER THAN ALL looked cool, but they also seemed just over the top. The reveals were lame and done way too quickly. If you do an Amnesia plot, run with it or don't do it at all... and the explanation for the amnesia plot? Pretty dorky.


oh and the kid! Okay, so they built up the kid and there was a payoff there, but it was a payoff that also traded off some payoff with that damn dog!

Oh and THIS is a *****Spoiler*****, but why is it that the only person to die with a real death scene (not counting some inconsequential bad guys) was the MINORITY character?!?
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